Genoa-Torino Postponed: What Happens in Kickest

Genoa-Torino has been postponed. Let’s see which rules apply in our Fantasy game.


Too many positives cases of Coronavirus in the ranks of the Grifoni: for this reason the League has officially postponed the match scheduled on Saturday at 6pm between Genoa and Torino.

It all started last Saturday, when Perin tested positive. Then Schone, stopped before embarking for Naples, and then eleven other players returning from Naples. The last case was the one of Behrami yesterday.

Given the postponed match, what happens in Kickest? The rules state this:

If the games are moved to a time when the previous Matchday has not ended yet or the next Matchday has already started, then at the end of the first game turn (T1) the players of the teams involved (including coaches, injured and disqualified players) will get their Average Score (i.e. the average score obtained up to that point of the season).

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