Kickest Capital Gains: How They Work

The concept of Capital Gain in Kickest advanced fantasy football is what makes the game exciting. Let’s find out how they work

What are the Capital gains

In Kickest Advanced Fantasy Football, each player is associated with a value in credits that can vary during the season based on his performances (just like in reality).

This change in value is called the Kickest Capital Gain.

Why is important to make capital gains?

At the beginning of the championship you have 180 credits (200 with the “Golden Ball” package at € 14.99) to buy 15 players and 1 head coach. This budget, however, can increase thanks to capital gains.

In fact, during each Matchday, the credit value of your players will decrease (loss) or increase (capital gain) based on the score obtained, thus decreasing / increasing your available credit budget.

Example. My fantasy team has 180 credits. My player John Doe, whose value is 22cr, after a very positive Matchday sees his value increases by + 1cr, reaching 23cr. The value of my team therefore goes from 180 to 181cr, increasing my purchasing power (because, if I sell the player, I will be able to replace him with a player that costs 23cr, and no longer 22cr).

At the end of each Matchday, your team will display the Capital Gains Balance, which is the total of the capital gains obtained by your team on that Matchday.

Saldo Plusvalenza

How the values of players change?

The variation in the value of each player occurs at the end of each Matchday and it is based on two factors:

  1. Points scored
  2. Starting value

In fact, with the same score obtained, a player with a lower starting value will obtain a greater capital gain than a player with a higher value.

Example. John Doe (starting value 22cr) scores 30 fantasy points, therefore obtaining a capital gain of +1cr (new value: 23cr). While Jerry Doe (who starts from 14cr) will get a capital gain of +1,5cr (new value: 15,5cr) by scoring the same fantasy points (30pts) . 

Tips to Make Capital Gains

The fundamental tip to obtain capital gains is to be a true talent scout, meaning that you should discover low-value players who will prove to be surprises by obtaining the scores of top players.

Other situations that allow you to generate easy capital gains are:

  1. Injuries:if a player with a high value gets injured, he will lose value for each game not played and can be purchased on his return for a much lower price.
  2. Substitutes: if a high-value player gets injured he will be replaced by a mid/low-range player, who will guarantee you good fantasy points for a moderate price.
  3. Changes in position: often head coaches change the position of their players during the season (ex: from the defense to the midfield). In such cases, these players could be able to obtain more offensive stats and therefore higher scores, while remaining a “defender” within the game.

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