How to Play Kickest Fantasy Football

A tutorial to quickly learn how to play Kickest Fantasy Football, all the main rules, strategies and tips.

How to Play Kickest Fantasy Football

Let’s find out the basics needed to play and have fun with Kickest Statistical Fantasy Football: what it is, how it works and the main game strategies.

1. What is Kickest?

A Fantasy Football based on Premier League and Serie A that takes into account advanced stats. Not only goals, assists and yellow/red cards, but also shots in and outside the target, passes, ball recoveries etc. All these statistical actions – which among bonuses and penalties are more than twenty – create a score.

This means that the scores of players are pretty diverse, if compared with the Official Fantasy Premier League, where many times points are very similar between players who have not scored.

2. Creating your fantasy team

You can create up to 3 fantasy teams: you have 180 Kickest credits to make up each team with 15 players and 1 coach (yes, in this fantasy football even the coach gets a score!).

The Kickest fantasy football is based on non-exclusive squads: the other fantasy coaches may have the same players in the squad, but they will not know how your team is composed until the championship or every new Matchday starts.

Once created, the team will automatically join 3 main leagues:

  • General: all the fantasy coaches of the game
  • Country: all the fantasy coaches from the same nation
  • Favorite team: all the fantasy coaches that are fans of the same football team

3. Can I challenge my friends?

Of course, you can do it by creating or joining Private leagues (accessible only via invitation code) or Public leagues (open to all).

Leagues can be of two types:

  • Classic scoring: teams are ranked based on their total points in each Matchday
  • Head-to-head: every team plays a match against another team in the league each Matchday. The match result is based on goal intervals that determine the final score and therefore victory (+3 pts), tie (+ 1pts) or loss (+0 pts).

4. How is the scoring composed?

The actions that make up the player scores are more than 20 and can also have a different value depending on the position (for example, a goal scored by a defender is worth more than that of an attacker).

The statistics considered include traditional actions such as goals, assists, yellow/red cards, but they also include advanced stats that make the player scores extremely precise such as: passes, dribbles, shots, lost or recovered balls, and much more.

We have listed them all in this dedicated article.

5. Coach, Captain and Bench

Other special features of the game are:

  • Coach: also coaches get points based on their teams’ performances
  • Captain: among the players on the field, you have to choose a Captain, who doubles the score obtained in the Matchday
  • Bench: the players you leave on the bench at the end of the Matchday get 0 points.

6. Managing your team

Another feature that makes Kickest Fantasy Football dynamic and fun is the ability to change the team at any time.

Each Matchday is divided into Game Turns, or single days in which blocks of matches are played.

Example: Turn 1 (T1) groups all matches played on Friday, T2 all matches played on Saturday, T3 all matches played on Sunday.

Between turns and between Matchdays, you can change your team:

  • Field-bench substitutions: between 2 turns, you can make field-bench substitutions by inserting players who have not yet played in place of players whose score has not satisfied you. More info here How to manage a Matchday
  • Trades: between one Matchay and the next, you can make transfers by selling your players, recovering their value in credits and buying new ones. Each transfer will cost you a small penalty (-2 points) on the next Matchday score. More info here How to manage Transfers.

7. Is everything clear?

If you have other doubts, here you will find 2 useful resources to learn more:

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