Kickest Score: how to understand if a player scored high

When did a player do well? And when should I substitute him instead? Our tips on how to interpret scores in Kickest fantasy football.

evaluating kickest scores

Kickest Statistical Fantasy Football uses more than 20 stats to obtain a player score (in this article you can see all the actions that contribute to the score). All these stats have been chosen to give an extremely realistic player scoring.

This also means that Kickest scores are not comparable with the ones of other traditional fantasy football games. So, how to understand when a player has done well? How do I interpret a score?

We will help you! Here is a table that allows you to understand which judgment corresponds to a Kickest score and, therefore, understand if the player performance was positive or not:

JudgmentKickest points
Greatover 26 points
Very wellbetw. 22 and 25,9 points
Wellbetw. 18 and 21,9 points
Sufficientbetw. 14 and 17,9 points
Almost suffbetw. 10 and 13,9 points
Badbetw. 6 and 9,9 points
Very badunder 5,9 points

Based on this table, newcomers to the game will be able to learn to understand when to replace a player (for further information: Kickest Matchdays: What are the Game Turns) and when to keep him as a starter.

Obviously the factors that can determine or not a substitution are many: such as the position in the ranking (general, for a Matchday or within a private league) or the characteristics of the player who takes over (ex: Salah in T3 can easily take the place of a 20.0 pts).

Now you have everything you need to decide whether to keep a player on the field or substitute him. Have fun!

If you have other doubts, here you will find 3 useful resources to learn more:

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