Kickest Scoring System: all the valid stats

All the stats that make up the score of players and coaches in Kickest fantasy football and that make it the most realistic fantasy football ever.

Kickest Scoring System

What is the scoring system of Kickest Advanced Fantasy Football Scoring System? Meaning all the statistical actions considered to determine for each player a Kickest Score, which is improved year by year with the aim of making the game more and more exciting and, above all, realistic.

All the stats considered are obtained from Opta, the official data source.

In this article – which is an excerpt from the Kickest Rules – we will present:

  1. News on the Scoring System 2020-2021
  2. Player scores
  3. Coach scores
  4. When a score is to be evaluated as positive

1. News on the Scoring System 2020-2021

We have worked to improve Kickest scoring, with the aim of making the evaluation of player performances even more objective and realistic. Here are the main news of the 2020-21 season:

  • Penalty scored: it will no longer be considered as a normal goal, but it will give a fixed score for all player positions: + 10pts
  • Penalty missed: goes from -5pts to -10pts
  • Bonus for substitute in: in addition to the bonus for starters (+ 5pts), whoever enters from the bench receives + 2,5pts
  • Shots: off target shots go from +1 to +0,5, on target shots go from +3 to +2
  • Successful dribbles: they go from +0,5pts to +1pt
  • Clean sheet: 0 points for midfielders, +8 defenders, +10 goalkeepers
  • Big Chance Missed: penalty of -2,5pt for missing a big chance
  • Important save: +5pts for each big save from a goalkeeper

2. Kickest: Player scores

Il Punteggio dei Giocatori di movimento viene determinato sommando i seguenti valori. Per rendere ancora più oggettivo il punteggio Kickest, alcuni valori variano a seconda del ruolo:

Enters from the bench2,5
Goal scored14172050
Penalty scored10101010
Yellow card-2
Red card-7
Own goal / Own goal caused-7/

Penalty won3
Penalty caused-5
Missed penalty-10
Clean sheet0810
Team win3
Team tie1
Team loss0
Accurate / missed pass0,1/

Ball recovery0,50,50,5
Shot off target0,5
Shot on target2
Duel won / lost0,5/

Dribble made1
Error leads to goal-7
Shot blocked0,50,50,5
Big chance missed-2,5-2,5-2,5
Goal conceded00-1-2
Dive save5
Penalty saved15

3. Kickest: Coach scores

Your head coach‘s score is calculated as the sum of the following values, multiplied by the coach coefficient (we explain what it is below):

Team win10
Team tie4
Team loss0
Goal scored3
Goal conceded-2
Clean sheet3
A bench player scores a goal2
Away win2
Home loss-2

What is the Coach Coefficient?

The score of the coach is multiplied by a coefficient that expresses the difficulty of the game. This coefficient is calculated based on the difference of credit quotations between the two challenging coaches.

When the score obtained by the coach is positive, it is multiplied by the value indicated in the table. When it is negative it is divided by the same value.

Diff. creditsCoach higher priceCoach lower price
>or= 7,000,602,50

Esempio. When a coach with a higher price wins against a coach with a lower price his score is multiplied by a value lower than 1 – see coefficient table. Similarly, when a coach with a lower price wins against a coach with a higher proce, his score ismultiplied by a value greater than 1 – see table of coefficients – thus obtaining an additional bonus).

4. When a score is to be evaluated as positive

What score can I consider positive for each position? When, on the other hand, a score is low and should a player be placed on the bench? On this topic we have written a specific article to clarify all your doubts!

5. Kickest Capital Gains

Did you know that on Kickest, based on the score obtained by the player, its value in credits changes? Yes, just like in reality the “cost” of a player depends on the progress of his performance!

This mechanism makes Kickest fantasy football even more exciting and we explain it to you in detail in this article: Kickest Capital Gains: What they are

If you have other doubts, here you will find 3 useful resources to learn more:

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